AutoCAD Training Course in Jaipur


Course Name – AutoCAD Training Course

Duration – 1.5 Months


AutoCAD is a computer aided design or CAD program for use by people within the design and documentation disciplines. The software is often used to create 2D drawings and diagrams or are often the basis for powerful 3D visualisations. Its drawing formats (dwg and dxf) are now the industry standards for the exchange of electronic drawings, between professionals and regulatory bodies. It’s used across a large number of industries including, architecture, interior design, shop fit-outs, construction, engineering, landscape design, product design and manufacture, naval and aeronautical design, piping and cabling, just to name a few. Anyone that must produce accurate plans and sections of a design, can utilize AutoCAD for this task. AutoCAD Training Courses in Jaipur is best customized to cater student’s needs.


AutoCAD Training Courses in Jaipur – Contents


  • Introduction of Autocad & its usage

  • User Interface in Autocad

  • Display Management

  • Coordinate Methods

  • Command Description (Line, Erase, Circle, Arc, Rectangle, Filter, Copy , Mirror etc.)

  • Selection Methods

  • Layer Management

  • Orthographic Drawing

  • Parametric Drawing

  • Isometric Drawing

  • Symbol Creating using Block

  • Annotations and Dimensions

  • Layout Management

  • Productivity Tools

  • Raster Image

  • OLE Object

  • Hyperlink

  • Publish and Plot

  • Block Creating / Dynamic blocks

  • Express Toolbar

  • Introduction of 3D

  • Understand and Use Viewpoint and UCS

  • Wireframe Modeling, Solid Modeling & Editing

  • Create & Manage 2D Views from 3D Models

  • Materials, Lights & Rendering

  • Import and Export