3D Studio Max Training in Jaipur


Course Name – 3D Studio Max Training                                   Duration – 1.5 Months


This 3Ds Max Training Courses in Jaipur is extremely much beneficial to candidates meaning to become interior designers and architects. it’s also useful to the professionals who want to upgrade their knowledge. 3Ds Max is best customized to cater the necessity of the job market.


As it is so broadly used, 3Ds Max Training Courses In Jaipur may be a valuable skill to find out , but where to begin? Expert authors take you through the basics of this powerful 3D application. After learning the fundamentals , you’ll be comfortable creating massive worlds, stunning environments and realistic virtual reality experiences.


Complete Course Contents


Introduction Interface and Layout Study, Units, Basic Layout Settings for Architects


Navigation Gizmo, Panning, Snap, Zooming, Selection, Views, Visuals


Modelling Primitives : Standard, Extended, Doors, Windows, AEC, Dynamic, Stairs

Shapes : Splines, Extended Splines, NURBS Curves

Extended modelling : Extrusion, Loft, Sweep, Lathe


Editing Edit Poly, Edit Splines, Alignment and Distribution, Mirror, Copy, Selection, Gizmo, Group


Modifiers Parametric Deformers, free form Deformers, Cloth

Compound Objects : Boolean, Pro-Boolean, Terrain, Scatter, Connect


Designing Chair / Sofa / Table / House using Box / House using Lines and Nurbs / Importing and working with Plan from AutoCAD


Texturing Diffuse and Bump Mapping / Environment and Background Images / Material Library / Architectural Materials


Lights Omni / Spot / Direct Lights / SkyLight and light Tracer Rendering / Light Effects


Camera Free and Target Camera / Camera Animation


Rendering (Mental Ray) Rendering Images / Rendering Movable Images / Saving outputs