Advanced Diploma in Interior Designing in Jaipur


Course Name – Advanced Diploma in Interior Designing

Duration – 1 Year


Interior designers are often found designing for a spread of settings, like schools, homes, restaurants, airports or office buildings. they’re skilled in both architectural and decorating aspects of interior space. When interior designers begin working with a space, they consider the aim of the rooms. They make design plans or draw up blueprints that include structural features, like built-in bookcases. Interior designers also consider characteristics of a space, including colors, lighting and furniture.


An interior designer could be self-employed or work for a design or architectural firm.Advanced Diploma in Interior Designing will assist you achieve the goals.


Advanced Diploma in Interior Designing Contents



AutoCAD (3 Months)


Drawing Techniques Drawing Utilities – Line, Circle, Polygon, Ellipse, Rectangle, Construction Line, Arc, Curve, Revision cloud, Elliptical Arc, Point, Donut


Editing Techniques Modification Utilities – Copy, Move, Erase, Mirror, Align, Offset, Rotate, Scale, Stretch, Trim, Extend, Break, Join, Fillet, Chamfer, Blend, Explode, Lengthen


Working Techniques Array (Polar, Rectangular, Path), Draw Order, Divide, Measure, Match properties, Selection Methods, Snap, Tracking, Multiline, Region, Boundary, Wipe-out, Object Properties


Hand Easy Tools Calculator, Quick selection, Coordinate methods, Zooming Methods


Productive Tools Hatching, Block, Layers, Dimensioning, Text, Gradient


3D Visual Styles Wireframe, Hidden, Conceptual, Shaded, X-ray, Realistic


3D Views Orthographic, Isometric, Perspective, Parallel


3D Modelling Modelling Utilities – 3D polyline, Polysolids, Box, Cylinder, Cone, Wedge, Sphere, Pyramid, Torus


Working with 3D Extrude, Loft, Sweep, Revolve


3D Editing Subtract, Intersect, Union, Solid Editing, Fillet, Chamfer, Thicken, Slice, Surface Editing,


3D Hand Easy Tools Gizmo, 3D object snap, Allow/Disallow dynamic UCS, Navigation, 3D editing tools


Material/Texturing Apply material, Create material, Modify Material, Custom material, Texturing effects, Image texturing


Lighting Create Lights – Point light, Distant light, Spot light, Sun properties

Editing Lights – light intensity, Light Shadows, Light Colour


Rendering Rendering – Render environment, Render Properties, Render Exposure

Exporting – Export in PDF, JPEG, PNG, Print


Layout Create Layout, Paper spacing, Model View, Layout properties


Projects Plan – Residential Single Storeys, Double Storeys, Commercial, Hospital, Hostel, School, Community Hall, Electrical Plan, Sanitary Plan


Tips & Tricks 


3Ds Max (6 Months)


Introduction Interface and Layout Study, Units, Basic Layout Settings for Architects


Navigation Gizmo, Panning, Snap, Zooming, Selection, Views, Visuals


Modelling Primitives : Standard, Extended, Doors, Windows, AEC, Dynamic, Stairs

Shapes : Splines, Extended Splines, NURBS Curves

Extended modelling : Extrusion, Loft, Sweep, Lathe


Editing Edit Poly, Edit Splines, Alignment and Distribution, Mirror, Copy, Selection, Gizmo, Group


Modifiers Parametric Deformers, free form Deformers, Cloth

Compound Objects : Boolean, Pro-Boolean, Terrain, Scatter, Connect


Designing Chair / Sofa / Table / House using Box / House using Lines and Nurbs / Importing and working with Plan from AutoCAD


Texturing Diffuse and Bump Mapping / Environment and Background Images / Material Library / Architectural Materials


Lights Omni / Spot / Direct Lights / SkyLight and light Tracer Rendering / Light Effects


Camera Free and Target Camera / Camera Animation


Rendering (Mental Ray) Rendering Images / Rendering Movable Images / Saving outputs


Projects Exterior : Single Storey / Double Storey / Bungalow / Villa

Interior : Bed room / Kitchen / Hall / Bathroom / Office / Kids Room / Hostel Room


Tips & Tricks 


Adobe Photoshop (2 Months)


Interface Concept of Raster and what’s role of Adobe photoshop in Raster Designing / Color / File Formats / Viewing and Navigation / Rulers and Guides


Layout Canvas / Image : Size and resolution – Using and modification


Selection Methods of selection / Selection Tools / Selection Menu / Path Selection


Layer Using Layers / Layer Properties / Layer blending


Brush Effects / Using / Saving / Customizing


Creation Vector / Raster Creation – Imaginary


Edition Cut a part of an image / Merge two Image parts / Working with Image Editing


Text Character / Paragraph – Creating and Editing


Fill Colour / Content Aware / Pattern History / Gradient / Paint bucket


Effect Healing / Blur / Stamp / History / Dodge


Image Adjustment / Filter / Mode


File Handling Save / Save as / Export / Import


Projects Creating Textures for Tiles / Floors / Walls / Curtains / Glasses


Tips & Tricks 


Adobe Illustrator (1 Month) 


Interface Introduce to basic principles and concepts utilized in vector art


Design Concept Provide basic understanding of design, layout and digital art


Creation Enhance abilities to translate emotion to art


Tools Provide a solid understanding of Adobe Illustrator’s tools and proper uses for them


Practices Improve confidence in developing art using computers.