Basic Excel Course in Jaipur


Course Name – Basic Excel Course                           Duration – 1 Month


Excel is one of the most popular software applications within the world and is used by firms in almost every industry, from pizza parlors to private equity. Companies, educational institutions, and government agencies all use Excel to manage and analyze data, create spreadsheets and reports, print charts, and far more. It’s no wonder why a working knowledge of this spreadsheet software is an important skill for people that spend a part of their workday ahead of a computer, even for people who don’t necessarily have an accounting or finance-related careers. Thus Excel skills are in demand, and it’s no surprise people with Excel knowledge are earning more cash than their counterparts. Excel Training Courses are best to start out with in the computer industry.


Target Audience – Excel Training Courses


  • Undergraduate, Graduates and Postgraduates

  • Job aspirants


Prerequisites – Excel Training Courses


  • Basic Computer

  • Basic Internet


Recommended Next Course – Excel Training Courses


  • Commercial Accountant

  • Digital Marketing

  • Advanced Excel


Complete Course Contents – Excel Training Courses


Module 1: Getting Started


Understanding the Excel screen

Navigating during a spreadsheet

Understanding worksheets, columns, rows and cells

Saving, opening, and closing workbooks


Module 2: Formatting a Spreadsheet


Changing column widths and row heights

Changing alignment of cells

Undoing and redoing actions

Formatting numbers , Clearing formats , Applying borders to cells, Merging cells


Module 3: Formulas and Functions


Entering formulas

Copying data and formulas

Using AutoSum

Understanding functions

Using simple aggregate functions (Sum, Count, Average, Min, Max)

Copying formulas

Applying conditions during a formula (The IF function)

Working with ranges


Module 4: Editing Features


Using cut , copy, and paste operations

Using paste special with values

Selection techniques

Navigation techniques


Module 5: Working with Large Worksheets


Freezing and unfreezing panes

Splitting windows

Inserting page breaks for printing


Module 6: Working with Charts


Creating charts using Chart Wizard

Creating different types of charts

Including titles and values in charts

Formatting of charts


Module 7: Previewing and Printing


Previewing worksheets

Page setup

Printing of worksheets in multiple pages

Repeating rows and columns for multiple pages

Printing multiple worksheets


Module 8: Simple Database Operations


Sorting tables

Filtering data with auto filter

Referring data from other worksheets