CCC Training Course in Jaipur




CCC Training Course is meant to equip a person to use computers for professional also as day to day use. It provides theoretical background also as in depth knowledge of Software/ packages. After completing the course the incumbent are going to be digitally literate and can be able to:


  • acquire confidence in using computer techniques available to users;

  • recognize the essential components of computers and terminology;

  • understand data, information and file management;

  • create documents using word processor, Spreadsheet & Presentation Software ;

  • understand computer networks, and browse the internet, content search, email and collaborate with peers;

  • use e-governance applications; and use computer to improve existing skills and learn new skills

  • use internet for digital financial services

  • The module on financial literacy will enable the individuals to know the various financial services and remember the various schemes of the state of India. CCC Training Course is the best course for Govt job applicability.


DURATION for CCC Training Course: 80 Hours. (Theory: 25 hrs + Practical: 50 hrs. + Tutorial: 05 hrs.)


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  1. Introduction to computer

  2. Introduction to GUI Based rating system

  3. Elements of word processing

  4. Spreadsheets

  5. Computer communication and Internet

  6. WWW and web browsers

  7. Communication and Collaboration

  8. Making small presentations