Cisco CCNA Certification Course Training in Jaipur



Course Name – Cisco CCNA Certification Course Training   

Duration – 2 Months

The Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) certification helps validate your ability to install, configure, operate, and troubleshoot medium-size route and switched networks, including implementation and verification of connections to remote sites during a WAN. It reflects a singular set of skills required to succeed in a variety of job roles, like network administrator, network operations analyst, network technician, and technical support specialist If you want to be certified on newer Cisco technologies. Cisco CCNA Certification Course Training is best designed so that certification exams are often cleared easily.



Take Away: After completion of this course you’ll be ready to 


  • You will Manage the company Infrastructure

  • Designing/Planning/Installing/Configuring/Maintaining/Troubleshooting



Target Audience – Cisco CCNA Certification Course Training


  • 10th & 12th class students.

  • Undergraduate students from all streams

  • Graduates and Post graduate students – MCA, MCM, etc


Pre-Requisites of Cisco CCNA Certification Course Training


  • Operating Computer, Networking & computer basics



Objectives: you’ll learn


  • Describe how networks function, identifying major components, function of network components, and therefore the OSI reference model

  • Using the host-to-host packet delivery process, describe issues related to increasing traffic on an Ethernet LAN and identify switched LAN technology solutions to Ethernet networking issues

  • Describe the reasons for extending the reach of a LAN and the methods which will be used, with attention on RF wireless access

  • Describe the reasons for connecting networks with routers and the way routed networks transmit data through networks using TCP / IP

  • Describe the function of WANs, the major devices of WANs, and configure PPP encapsulation, static and dynamic routing, PAT, and RIP routing

  • Use the command-line interface to get neighbors on the network and manage the router startup and Configuration


Recommended Next Course


  • CCNP

  • CCIE Routing and Switching

  • Cisco Certified Architect

  • Cisco Routing and Switching


Contents – Cisco CCNA Certification Course Training


Interconnecting Cisco Networking Devices Part 1(ICND1) Ver 1.0

  • Function of various network devices and networking applications

  • Purpose and basic operations of protocols in OSI and TCP models

  • Impact of applications (Voice over IP & Video Over IP) on a network

  • Interpret network diagrams

  • Technology and media access control method for ethernet technologies

  • Media, cables, ports and connectors to connect switches to other network devices

  • Operation of CISCO switches and basic switching concepts

  • Implement and verify basic security for a switch

  • Create and apply and IP addressing scheme to a network

  • Basic uses and operations of NAT in a small network

  • Configure, verify and troubleshoot DHCP and DNS operations on a router

  • Basic routing concepts and operations of CISCO router

  • Media, cables, ports and connectors to connect routers to other network devices

  • Manage IOS configuration files (including Save,edit,update and restore)

  • Using basic utilities : ping, traceroute, telnet, SSH, Arp, ipconfig, show and debug

  • Configure, verify and troubleshoot RIP v2

  • Standard associated with wireless media (including IEEE, WI-FI Alliance, ITU/FCC)

  • Components in small wireless network (including : SSID, BSS,ESS)

  • Compare and contrast wireless security features and capabilities of WPA security

  • Security threats to a network and describe general methods to migrate those threats

  • Implement and verify WAN links



Interconnecting Cisco Networking Devices Part 2(ICND2) Ver 1.0


  • Enhanced switching technologies (including: VTP,RSTP, VLAN, PVSTP, 802.1 q)

  • Configure, verify and troubleshoot VLANs and Trunking

  • Configure, verify and troubleshoot inter VLAN routing, VTP and RSTP

  • Implement basic switch security

  • IP addressing scheme using VLSM and route summarization

  • Technological requirements for running IPv6 (including : protocols, dual stack, tunneling etc)

  • Compare and contrast methods of routing and routing protocol

  • Configure, verify and troubleshoot OSPF & EIGRP

  • Troubleshoot routing implementation issues

  • Implement basic router security

  • Configure and apply access control lists based on network filtering requirements.

  • Troubleshoot ACL implementation issues

  • Configure and troubleshoot Network Address translation

  • Configure and verify frame relay on CISCO router

  • Troubleshoot WAN implementation issues

  • Describe VPN technology (including: importance, benefits, role, impact components)

  • Configure and very PPP connection between CISCO routers.