Computer Teacher Training Course (CTTC) in Jaipur


The Computer Teacher Training (CTTC) programme is aimed toward those that want to form their career in Teaching and within the Training sector. The CTTC programme prepares the learners for a specialized career in Teaching and Training. The contents are designed such that not only will the learner gain computer knowledge but also find out how to transfer this knowledge effectively to his students.


The objective of this course is to produce high end dynamic computer teachers to meet the demand of Industry. The course is encapsulated with several exercises that are built keeping the wants of teachers/ trainers in mind.


Detailed Course Contents are as followings :


  • Work-Sheets

  • Docs-Word

  • Slides-PowerPoint

  • Forms, Database

  • Operating System Concepts

  • Basic Concepts of Accounts

  • Maintaining Ledgers, Cash Book

  • Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss

  • Financial Accounting (Tally)

  • C Language, C++ Language

  • HTML, JavaScript


  • Access

  • Photo Editing Softwares

  • Complete Internet

  • Computer Fundamentals