Data Structure Training Course in Jaipur

Course Name – Data Structure Training Course                     

Duration – 2.5 Months


This Data Structures course provides exhaustive coverage of various data structures like lists, stack, queue, trees. Graphs, Hash Tables and their implementation. Application of those data structures is additionally covered.


Take Away: Data Structures, Algorithms Training Institute in Jaipur


  • Construct a program using different data structures and use them in several problem scenarios.

  • Choose appropriate data structure base on problem scenario.


Target Audience – Data Structures Training in Jaipur


  • Undergraduates, Graduates and Post-Graduates

  • Job Aspirants


Pre-requisites – Data Structures Training in Jaipur


  • C Programming


Objectives – Data Structures Training in Jaipur


  • Write algorithms to implement operations involved in different data structures

  • Use arrays to handle finite data

  • Implement stack and queue using arrays also as linked list

  • Apply stack and queue to write down some complex algorithms

  • Implement differing types of trees and their application

  • Apply graphs to solve problems like shortest distance between any two points

  • Implement various searching and sorting techniques

  • Use Hash Tables to handle great deal of knowledge 

  • Identify the type of data structure to be utilized in particular situation


Recommended Next Course


  • C++ Programming

  • Java Programming

  • C# Programming


Data Structures, Algorithms Training Institute in Jaipur


  • Algorithms

  • Concepts of data Structure

  • Arrays

  • Lists

  • Stack

  • Queue

  • Trees

  • Graphs

  • Sorting Techniques

  • Searching Techniques

  • Tables

  • Files

  • Project Work