Diploma Course in Interior Designing in Jaipur


Course Name – Diploma Course in Interior Designing

Duration – 6 Months


Interior designers are often found designing for a spread of settings, like schools, homes, restaurants, airports or office buildings. they’re skilled in both architectural and decorating aspects of interior space. When interior designers begin working with a space, they consider the purpose of the rooms. They make design plans or draw up blueprints that include structural features, like built-in bookcases. Interior designers also consider characteristics of an area , including colors, lighting and furniture.


An interior designer could be self-employed or work for a design or architectural firm.Diploma Course in Interior Designing will help you achieve the goals.


Diploma Course in Interior Designing Contents



AutoCAD (2 Months)


Drawing Techniques Drawing Utilities – Line, Circle, Polygon, Ellipse, Rectangle, Construction Line, Arc, Curve, Revision cloud, Elliptical Arc, Point, Donut


Editing Techniques Modification Utilities – Copy, Move, Erase, Mirror, Align, Offset, Rotate, Scale, Stretch, Trim, Extend, Break, Join, Fillet, Chamfer, Blend, Explode, Lengthen


Working Techniques Array (Polar, Rectangular, Path), Draw Order, Divide, Measure, Match properties, Selection Methods, Snap, Tracking, Multiline, Region, Boundary, Wipe-out, Object Properties


Hand Easy Tools Calculator, Quick selection, Coordinate methods, Zooming Methods


Productive Tools Hatching, Block, Layers, Dimensioning, Text, Gradient


Projects Plan – Residential Single Storeys, Double Storeys


Tips & Tricks 



3Ds Max (3 Months)


Introduction Interface and Layout Study, Units, Basic Layout Settings for Architects


Navigation Gizmo, Panning, Snap, Zooming, Selection, Views, Visuals


Modelling Primitives : Standard, Extended, Doors, Windows, AEC, Dynamic, Stairs

Shapes : Splines, Extended Splines, NURBS Curves

Extended modelling : Extrusion, Loft, Sweep, Lathe


Editing Edit Poly, Edit Splines, Alignment and Distribution, Mirror, Copy, Selection, Gizmo, Group


Modifiers Parametric Deformers, free form Deformers, Cloth

Compound Objects : Boolean, Pro-Boolean, Terrain, Scatter, Connect


Designing Chair / Sofa / Table / House using Box / House using Lines and Nurbs / Importing and working with Plan from AutoCAD


Texturing Diffuse and Bump Mapping / Environment and Background Images / Material Library / Architectural Materials


Lights Omni / Spot / Direct Lights / SkyLight and light Tracer Rendering / Light Effects


Camera Free and Target Camera / Camera Animation


Rendering (Mental Ray) Rendering Images / Rendering Movable Images / Saving outputs


Projects Exterior : Single Storey / Double Storey

Interior : Bed room / Kitchen


Tips & Tricks 



Adobe Photoshop (1 Month)


Interface Concept of Raster and what’s role of Adobe photoshop in Raster Designing / Color / File Formats / Viewing and Navigation / Rulers and Guides


Layout Canvas / Image : Size and resolution – Using and modification


Selection Methods of selection / Selection Tools / Selection Menu / Path Selection


Layer Using Layers / Layer Properties / Layer blending


Brush Effects / Using / Saving / Customizing


Creation Vector / Raster Creation – Imaginary


Edition Cut a part of an image / Merge two Image parts / Working with Image Editing


Text Character / Paragraph – Creating and Editing


Fill Colour / Content Aware / Pattern History / Gradient / Paint bucket


Effect Healing / Blur / Stamp / History / Dodge


Image Adjustment / Filter / Mode


File Handling Save / Save as / Export / Import


Projects Creating Textures for Tiles / Floors / Walls / Curtains / Glasses


Tips & Tricks