DTP Graphic Design Course in Jaipur

Course Name – DTP Graphic Design Course

Duration – 2 Months


Desktop publishing combines the personal computer and graphic design software to create printed documents. DTP Graphic Design Courses will specialist in using desktop publishing software to effectively communicate messages in printed form. The goal of this course is to use the mixture of type, color, shapes, illustrations and images to produce professional printed materials. DTP Graphic Design Courses will teach a mixture of graphic design skills and software skills. Each class will contain two thirds lecture and one third hands-on work with the software.


DTP (Desktop Publishing) course will offer you a thorough understanding altogether of the aspects of the print publishing process showing you ways to design and lay out all manner of print materials including brochures, newsletters, manuals, books and more. The course combines image creation, editing and touching up in Photoshop then goes on to use either Adobe Pagemaker to require the imagery and mix it with text to design the print material. During the course you’ll tend expert help and recommendations on the entire print process from the way to develop initial ideas, to best layout practice to sourcing and liaising with a printer, choosing the paper and checking proofs and on-press details.


DTP Graphic Design Courses are best customized to cater the needs of everyone.


DTP Graphic Design Courses Contents


CorelDraw (1 Month) – DTP Graphic Design Courses


App Intro:  What is that the role of CorelDraw in Designing


Design Concept:  Concept of colours / Design


Drawing Tools:  Outline / Curve : Drawing tools and utilities


Modification:  Outline / Curve : Editing Tools and Shape tool


Productive Tools:  Productive Tools : Copy methods / Alignment / Join/break methods / Power Clip / Shaping / Symbols


Fill objects:  Uniform / Fountain / Texture / Pattern / Postscript / Mesh


Text:  Creating and Editing – Artistic / Paragraph


Effects:  Blend / Contour / Drop Shadow / Distort / Envelope / Extrude / Transparency / Lens / Bevel / Artistic Media


Bitmap: Working with imported Raster images in CorelDraw


Output:  Exporting and Printing Features


Adobe Photoshop (21 days) – – DTP Graphic Design Courses


Interface:  Concept of Raster and what’s role of Adobe photoshop in Raster Designing / Color / File Formats / Viewing and Navigation / Rulers and Guides


Layout:  Canvas / Image : Size and resolution – Using and modification


Selection:  Methods of selection / Selection Tools / Selection Menu / Path Selection


Layer:  Using Layers / Layer Properties / Layer blending


Brush : Effects / Using / Saving / Customizing


Creation:  Vector / Raster Creation – Imaginary


Edition:  Cut a part of an image / Merge two Image parts / Working with Image Editing


Text:  Character / Paragraph – Creating and Editing


Fill:  Colour / Content Aware / Pattern History / Gradient / Paint bucket


Effect:  Healing / Blur / Stamp / History / Dodge


Image:  Adjustment / Filter / Mode


File Handling:  Save / Save as / Export / Import




Tips & Tricks 


Adobe Page maker (7 days) – DTP Graphic Design Courses


Introduction:  Page layout Basics / Understanding Tools & Workspace


Tools:  Text / Drawing / Editing


Creating: Labels, Pamphlets / Bill books, Viz. Cards / Greetings Cards, Kankotri / Advertisements, etc. / Books & Booklets


Hand Tools:  Column Style Documents / Shortcuts to work Efficiently