Embedded Systems Training Course in Jaipur


Course Name – Embedded Systems Training Course

Duration – 1.5 Months

Embedded System may be a computer system designed to perform some specific task. Embedded systems contain processing cores that are typically either microcontrollers or digital signal processors (DSP). Embedded systems range from portable devices like digital watches, Smartphone and MP3 players etc. We are working hard in providing innovative embedded systems training courses within the fields of core technologies, robotics to advanced industrial automation.


C Programming


  • Basics of ‘C’

  • Statements and loops

  • Functions

  • Array and String

  • Pointers


Embedded Systems


  • Components detail – Resistor, capacitor, transistor, diode, inductor, op-amp, switches and relay, motor, breadboard, IC, PCB, soldering kit, oscillator etc.

  • Sensor designing

  • Basics of Embedded System

  • Microprocessor & Microcontroller Classification

  • Advance controllers




  • Basics of Microchip series

  • Classification of Von-Neumann and

  • Harvard Architecture

  • Classification of RISC and CISC architecture

  • Block Description of PIC16F877A

  • PIN diagram Description of PIC16F877A

  • Special Features of PIC16F877A

  • Memory architecture


Embedded Development Tools


  • Assembler

  • Interpreter

  • Compiler

  • Simulator

  • Emulator

  • Debugger


Development tools






Output device interfacing -LED

Output device interfacing-LCD

  • 4 bit and 8 bit programming


Timer/counter programming

Switches interfacing

UART programming

Interrupt programming

ADC interfacing


AVR(ATMEGA 8 and 32)

Recall of basic concepts of embedded system


  • C programming

  • Embedded c

  • Languages

  • Controller processor concepts


Basics of ATMEL series


  • Classification of Von-Neumann and

  • Harvard Architecture

  • Classification of RISC and CISC architecture

  • PIN diagram Description ofATMEGA8

  • Special Features of ATMEGA8

  • Memory architecture

  • Masking phenomena







Real time programming 7-segment display

Real time programming-LCD

Sensor interfacing with AVR

  • Touch Screen interfacing

  • Sound sensor

  • IR sensor


Timer/counter programming


  • Description of SFR related to Timer/Counter

  • Configuring as a Timer

  • Configuring as Counter

  • Delay Count Calculations


Switches and keypad interfacing


  • Programming of Keyboard Matrix & Switches using AVR

  • Controlling of LED’s by using Switches

  • Keyboard Matrix programmIng


Real time programming-Motors

Real time programming-Relay

UART programming

Interrupt programming

ADC interfacing

Different protocol programming

  • SPI and I2C

CCP mode programming


Watchdog in AVR


  • Introduction of watchdog

  • SFR related to watchdog

  • Programming of watchdog

Sleep and hibernate modes

  • Introduction to sleep and hibernate mode

  • Programming of hibernate and sleep mode




  • Introduction to GPS and GSM system

  • AT & T command description



  • RFID

  • RF


Introduction to IoT & Raspberry Pi (2 Hours Class)

With this comprehensive embedded systems training course and practical approach, we confirm that you simply become employable during this domain quickly.