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Excel VBA Training Course in Jaipur


Course Name – Excel VBA Training Course         

Duration – 1 Month


Excel is one of the most popular software applications within the world and is used by firms in almost every industry, from pizza parlors to personal equity. Companies, educational institutions, and government agencies all use Excel to manage and analyze data, create spreadsheets and reports, print charts, and far more. It’s no wonder why a working knowledge of this spreadsheet software is an important skill for people that spend a part of their workday ahead of a computer, even for people who don’t necessarily have an accounting or finance-related careers. Thus Excel skills are in demand, and it’s no surprise people with Excel knowledge are earning more cash than their counterparts.


Target Audience


  • Undergraduate, Graduates and Postgraduates

  • Job aspirants




  • Basic Computer

  • Basic Internet

  • Advanced Excel


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Complete Course Contents


Module 1: Understanding Security Levels


Why security

Security levels and its meaning


Module 2: Functions


What is Function and Subroutine

Writing Functions using VBA Editor

Calling function in another workbook


Module 3: Recording Macros


Recording and running macro

Storing macro in numerous books

Creating buttons and assigning macro to that

Creating My Menu


Module 4: The Visual Basic Editor


Editing macros using VBA Editor

Understanding the project explorer

Exploring windows properties

Modifying code in code window

Debugging code


Module 5: Programming Fundamentals


Variables, data types and constants


Object Variables

Conditional structures (If …. Then, Select Case)

Logical Operators

Looping constructs (For loops, Do loops, while… Wend)

Built-in functions

Creating Subroutines


Module 6: Excel Object Model


Working with objects – properties, events and methods

Application objects

Workbook objects, Worksheet objects and Range objects

Charts objects

Pivot table objects


Module 7: User Forms


Creating forms

Form events

Creating custom menus and toolbars

Creating Add-ins


Module 8: Working with other applications


Working Word, PowerPoint and other applications.