Graphic Designing Diploma Course in Jaipur

Course Name – Graphic Designing Diploma Course

Duration – 6 Months




Basic to advance Graphic Designing Diploma Course sequential drawing techniques to draw characters, vehicles, props, interiors, cities, etc from different angles alongside perspectives, lights, shadows etc with more concepts of drawing instead of observation.


The learners enhance their imaginative, intellectual and analytical capabilities and are trained to confront real-world challenges within the design industry. They develop their capabilities and professional skills not only as outstanding designers and entrepreneurs, but also as engaged global citizens. At Digital Computer Classes of Advertising & Graphic Designing Diploma Course, we enable the learners to accumulate greater appreciation for design and develop a deeper sensibility toward aesthetics.




  • Basic Photoshop workspace knowledge

  • Advanced Photoshop Effects and Tricks




  • Basic Illustrator work space knowledge

  • Advanced Concepts


Corel Draw


  • Basics CorelDraw work space knowledge

  • Advanced Concepts




  • Using drawing tablets

  • Color theory

  • Typography

  • Brochure, Flyer, Posters, Office stationery design jobs




  • Adobe Certified Associate in Photoshop Exam

  • Adobe Certified Associate in Illustrator Exam

  • Digital Computer Classes Certified Expert


Career Options


  • Sketching Master

  • Graphic Designer

  • Logo Designer

  • Graphic Master

  • Graphic layout artist, etc

  • Students with a Graphic Designing Diploma Course have many career paths open to them. they will prefer to work as illustrators, either within the entertainment industry or within the medical industry as scientific illustrators. they will also work as artists-for-hire, finding their own clients and doing freelance work. Finally, a specialization in graphic design enables students to work with businesses as website and advertising designers.