iOS Development Course in Jaipur


Course Name – iPhone iOS Development Training Course

Duration – 2 Months


In this iOS development course, we’ll allow you to create an iPhone app that records conversations between you and a friend then makes your voice sound sort of a chipmunk or Darth Vader. This iPhone mobile app training course will introduce you to iOS app development in Apple’s new programing language , Swift, and serve as your launching point within the iOS application development course.


  • Our iPhone iOS Development Course can assist you get off to a running start in iPhone, iPod and iPad app development.

  • Learn iphone mobile app training from expert Objective-C & SWIFT developers with years of experience in Apple’s iPhone SDK and Mac OS X development tools and frameworks.

  • You’ll be creating working iPhone and iPad Apps in school within a number of, fast-paced days.

  • You will understand the whole iPhone Apps Development Cycle from start to finish in iOS application development course.


Take Away: After completion of iPhone iOS Development Course, you’ll be ready to 


Describe mobile device components

Create an easy interface using simulator

Create a Web-based Application

UnitTest an iPhone application

Highlight current location using GPS features


Target Audience – iPhone iOS Application Development Course


  • Undergraduate, Graduates and Postgraduates

  • Job aspirants

  • Product Managers

  • Designers

  • Marketers

  • Aspiring Developers (note advanced developers will likely find this class too elementary)

  • Startup Founders


Prerequisites – iPhone iOS Development Course


  • Prior ‘ANSI-C’ programing language experience.

  • Basic object-oriented languages like C++/Java/C# is suggested .

  • Knowing Basic SQL queries is often an advantage.


Objectives – iPhone iOS App Development Training Institute


  • Our iOS mobile app development classes offerings feature smaller class sizes, more intensive hands-on lab exercises,deeper explanations, and therefore the absolute best instructors.

  • Our focus on—and let’s face it, love of—Objective-C, Xcode, cocoa and Apple’s iOS development frameworks ensures you’ll get the absolute best iOS training available.

  • Our goal is to not only get you coding quickly—we’ll also assist you get a solid understanding of how things work under the covers so you’ll continue learning on your own.

  • You’ll come away with practical, hands-on skills in designing and implementing well-engineered iPhone iPad and iPod apps, plus A level of insight that’s essential to resolving bugs, memory leaks, and other development issues.


Recommended Next Course – iPhone iOS Development Training


  • Real Time Projects


Complete Course Contents of iPhone iOS Development Training



1 – Introduction to MAC OS-X latest


  • Introduction to MAC OS-X latest 10.x

  • Working with Desktop Visual Environment

  • Working with Desktop Preference Settings

  • MAC Security Settings


2 – X-Code


  • Introduction & Features

  • Configuring for iPhone and MAC

  • Exploring the Interface Builder


3 – Objective-C (Prerequisite : C) / Swift (Prerequisite : Core Java)


  • Introduction

  • Compiling and Running Programs

  • Explaining First Hello World Program

  • Underlying C Programming

  • Data Type and Expression

  • More on Data Type and Expression

  • Program Looping

  • Making Decision, Pre-Processor

  • Object and Classes, Inheritance

  • Polymorphism

  • Working with Property and Self

  • Categories and Protocols, Delegates


4 – Foundation Framework – COCOA


  • Introduction

  • Number, String and Collections


5 – Introduction to iPhone


  • what’s iPhone, iPhone Help


6 – iPhone SDK


  • what’s iPhone SDK

  • Development Framework

  • iPhone SDK Setup

  • X-Code with iPhone

  • iPhone Simulator


7 – iPhone Architecture


  • iPhone Architecture

  • iPhone GUI & Package

  • iPhone Applications

  • iPhone Application Framework

  • iPhone Libraries

  • Interface Builder

  • Outlet, IB Action

  • Action


8 – Creating user interface


  • iPhone UI Design using Interface Builder

  • Creating First Hello World Program


9 – Programming Storyboard and XIB Files


  • Handling Multiple UI

  • Data sharing between UI


10 – Programming User Attention


  • Alert Views

  • Input from Text Views

  • Action Sheet


11 – Controls Programming


  • Label, Edit Text, Text Field

  • Text View, Buttons

  • Handling Images

  • Animation, Steppers

  • Sliders, Switches

  • Segmented Control

  • Web Views, Scrolling Views

  • Activity Indicator View

  • Progress View, Table View

  • Table View Cell

  • Date Picker, Tab Bar

  • Bar Button Item

  • Flexible key Item


12 – Programming Media


  • Playing Audio Files

  • Playing Video Files


13 – Integration with other Application / Apps


  • Address Book

  • Twitter, Facebook, Google

  • MAP

  • E-mail


14 – Reading and Writing Application Data


  • Accessing Application Default Preference

  • Accessing iPhone File Systems


15 – Database access using Core-Data


  • Assessing Core-Data


16 – Auto Layout


  • Responsive Layout for any screen size


17 – Database access using Realm


  • Faster access to database


18 – Access 3rd Party from GIThub


  • AFNetworking, MF side menu, expandable table view