Java Script Training Course in Jaipur

Course Name – Javascript  Course                            Duration  – 1 Month


Digital Computer Classes, Jaipur provides real-time and placement focused javascript training in Jaipur . Our advanced javascript course includes basic to advanced level and our javascript course is meant to urge the placement in good MNC companies in Jaipur as quickly as once you complete the html css javascript training course. Our javascript trainers are advanced Oracle sun java certified experts and eight years experienced working professionals with hands on real time multiple Javascript projects knowledge. We’ve designed our javascript course content and syllabus supported students requirement to realize everyone’s career goal.


Digital Computer Classes, Jaipur offers javascript training with a choice of multiple training locations across Jaipur. Our advanced javascript training centers are equipped with lab facilities and excellent infrastructure. We also provide advanced javascript certification training path for our students in Jaipur. Through our associated javascript training centers, we’ve trained quite 540 javascript students and provided 84 percent placement. Our advanced javascript course fee is value for money and tailor-made course fee supported each student’s training requirements. javascript training in Jaipur conducted on day time classes, weekend training classes, evening batch classes and fast track training classes.


JavaScript Training in Jaipur – Course Contents



Overview of JavaScript


  • Where does JavaScript Fit in?

  • Comparing Products

  • Comparing JavaScript to Java

  • The Purpose of JavaScript

  • Prerequisites


Building a JavaScript Program


  • Using JavaScript in an HTML Document

  • Hiding JavaScript from old Web Browsers


Reviewing HTML


  • Text Formatting & Layout

  • Hypertext Links & Anchors

  • Tables

  • Forms

  • Frames


Basic Syntax utilized in JavaScript Commands


  • Basic Commands




  • Overview of Variables

  • Assigning Values to Variables

  • Concatenating String Variables




  • Creating & Calling Function

  • Sending Parameters to a Function

  • Receiving Parameters out of a function

  • Variable scope & Lifetime

  • Functions Called by Events


Flow Control Structures


  • If Structure

  • If Else Structure

  • For Loop

  • While Loop

  • For/in Structure




  • Unary Operators

  • Numeric Operators

  • Logical Operators


String Processing


  • Length

  • Converting to all or any Upper or lower-case letter

  • Index of

  • Last Index of

  • Char At

  • Substr.




  • Standard JavaScript Functions

  • Creating an Object

  • Adding Functions to an Object

  • Multiple Instances of an Object type


History Object


  • Accessing the History Object

  • Creating Buttons

  • History.Go Method


Date Object


  • Creating a Date Object

  • Setting the Date & Time by one String

  • Separating Variables with Commas

  • Displaying the Date & Time

  • Time Zones

  • Extracting the Date

  • Extracting the Hrs

  • Set Date Method

  • Set Time

  • Non-Data Object Functions


Using Objects like Arrays


  • Creating an Array

  • For Loop




  • Buttons

    • On Click

    • On Mouseover

    • On Mouseout

  • Window


Form Objects


  • Button Objects

  • Text Objects

  • Textarea Objects

  • Hidden Objects

  • Check Box Objects

  • Radio Button Objects

  • Selecting Objects

  • On Change Events


Calendar Application


  • Static Calendar

  • Dynamic Calendar

  • Functions for Up-Dating the Calendar

  • Assigning Values to the Dates of the Month


Math Object


  • Constants

  • Circumference Calculator Application

  • Functions




  • Referencing Objects in Other Frame

  • Event Calendar


Form Validation


  • Trapping Empty Fields

  • Finding Invalid Values

  • Intercepting the Submit Button




  • Fade effects

  • Rollover effects