Jewellery Designing Training Course in Jaipur


Course Name – Jewellery Designing Training Course

Duration – 3 Months


The Certificate Course in Jewellery Designing is recommended for anyone who is into the family business of jewellery and needs to sharpen his/her skills or an individual who is interested in joining the business of jewellery, an industry that’s seeing a rapid growth in India also as within the international market. The Certificate Course in Jewellery Designing offers a launch pad for creative minds to find out new skills and techniques within the highly exciting and creative field of jewellery making.


Complete Course Contents


CorelDRAW : 1 Month


Introduction:  What is Design of jewellery


App Intro:  What is that the role of CorelDraw in Jewellery Designing


Design Concept:  Concept of colours / Design


Drawing Tools:  Outline / Curve : Drawing tools and utilities


Modification:  Outline / Curve : Editing Tools and Shape tool


Productive Tools:  Productive Tools : Copy methods / Alignment / Join/break methods / Power Clip / Shaping / Symbols


Fill objects:  Uniform / Fountain / Texture / Pattern / Postscript / Mesh


Text:  Creating and Editing – Artistic / Paragraph


Effects:  Blend / Contour / Drop Shadow / Distort / Envelope / Extrude / Transparency / Lens / Bevel / Artistic Media


Bitmap:  Working with imported Raster images in CorelDraw


Output:  Exporting and Printing Features



Rhino 3D (2 Months)


Introduction:  Concept of 3D Designing in Jewellery


App Intro:  What is the role of Rhinoceros in Jewellery Designing.


Curve:  Drawing and Editing – Tools and Utilities


Dimensioning:  Coordinate methods / Geometrics


Text:  Creating / Editing / Extruding


3D Concept:  Concept of View and Visual of 3D object


3D modelling:  Solid / Surface – Creating and Editing Tools and Unities


Modelling:  Ring / Earring / Pendant / Necklace / Bangles / Bracelet / Cufflinks


Hand Tools:  Layers / Properties / Display panels / Toolbars / Wizards


Gems / Stone:  Creating / Shaping / Texturing – Tools, Utilities, Methods, Patterns


Stone settings:  Prong / Mini Prong / Pave / Bezel / Channel etc.


Render : Colouring / Material / Texturing : Apply and Modification


Output:  Lighting / Rendering / Printing (With and without dimensions)


Practical:  Ring / Bangles


Tips and Tricks:  Certificate Course in Jewellery Designing