MATLAB Training Course in Jaipur


Course Name – MATLAB Training Course

Duration – 1 Month


MATLAB or (Matrix Laboratory) may be a high performance fourth generation programming language which is used for technical computing. It provides a multi paradigm numerical computing environment and was developed by MathWorks. it’s used for integrating computation, visualization and programming so that the programming environment becomes easy to use.


It is used for several important purposes. a number of them are:


  • It’s used for symbolic computation.

  • Used for developing algorithms.

  • Provides application of scientific and engineering graphics.

  • Analysis of data, visualization, and exploration is conducted.

  • Can be used for designing Graphical user interfaces.

  • Technical computation.


The most important feature of MATLAB is that it’s used for calculating matrix and vector formulations in fraction of your time .


MATLAB Training Course is most customized to suit the needs of students.


Take Away – MATLAB Training Course


The applications of MATLAB are immense. It’s a powerful linear algebra tool with a really good collection of toolboxes. Therefore, it finds applications in research and teaching in domains of robotics and automation.


A lot of companies ranging from banking, finance, engineering, scientific and education require the application of MATLAB and that they are on a lookout for MATLAB professionals to increase their productivity.


Companies are offering full time job opportunities, higher pay perks, attractive bonuses to attract the MATLAB professionals. The MATLAB professionals are getting more pay packages as compared to the IT professionals, this is often because MATLAB helps to solve technical problems in much less time as compared to other languages like C/C++/Java. MATLAB Training Course is best to start out with in such fields.


Target Audience – MATLAB Training Course


  • Engineering Students

  • Company Professionals

  • Job aspirants


Recommended Next Course


  • VLSI

  • Robotics

  • Embedded Systems and Robotics



MATLAB Training Course Contents



Basics of MATLAB


  • MATLAB environment

  • Operators and data statements

  • Different windows working


Basics of Software


  • Software version and introduction


MATLAB Instruction and statement



Developing logic and concept


  • Algorithm design in MATLAB


MATLAB GUI design and application

  • Introduction to GUI design

  • Commands to affect GUI design



Data processing and visualization



Optimization techniques use in MATLAB


  • Implementation of loops and statement


Signal processing


Image processing


  • Playing with images

  • Pixel reading using algorithms


Video processing


  • Playing with video

  • Pixel reading using algorithms


Image Vs Video processing


  • Difference and similarity


MATLAB based Frame processing


  • Implementing algorithm in frame processing


MATLAB based Pattern recognition


  • Shapes and sizes recognition

  • Implementing algorithm in recognition


MATLAB based Steganography


  • Introduction to steganography

  • Importance of Steganography using MATLAB

  • Hiding text using Steganography

  • Retrieving text using steganography


Color detection using reading pixel


  • Finding presence and absence of objects using color

  • Plotting of frame

  • Subplot using MATLAB

  • Blur and Deblur

  • Importance of Blurr

  • Making of key to deblur an image

  • Application of blur and deblur

  • Example of Blur and Deblur


MATLAB based Image analysis


  • Point processing

  • Segmentation

  • Corner, Edge, Flat detection

  • Image transformation


Minor projects


Major project