MongoDB Training course in Jaipur


Course Name – MongoDB Training Certification course       

Duration – 1 Month


MongoDB Training course will teach you ways to perform data analysis using MongoDB’s powerful Aggregation Framework. You’ll begin this course by building a foundation of essential aggregation knowledge. By understanding these features of the Aggregation Framework you’ll find out how to ask complex questions of your data. This may lay the groundwork for the rest of the course where you’ll dive deep and study schema design, relational data migrations, and machine learning with MongoDB. By the top of this course you’ll understand the way to best use MongoDB and its Aggregation Framework in your own data science workflow.


MongoDB Training Certification course helps you gain expertise during a leading document-oriented No SQL database, designed for speed, scalability, and Developer agility. You’ll master MongoDB Architecture, CRUD, Schema Design and Data Modelling, indexing using real-life case studies. you’ll also find out how MongoDB cloud products are often wont to setup, manage, and monitor your MongoDB deployments.


Intended Audience for MongoDB Training Certification course


  • Database Admin

  • Database Server Engineer

  • Data Analytics and Visualization Engineer

  • Developer working on Web, Cloud, Mobile, and other social technologies

  • Applications Engineer


Prerequisite for MongoDB Training Certification course


There are not any prerequisites for attending this MongoDB course. Understanding of any mainstream programming language like Java, basic understanding of database concepts, and knowledge of a text editor like ‘VI editor’ would be beneficial.


Complete Course Contents for MongoDB Training Certification course


  1. Introduction to NoSQL Database system

  2. Implementation of JSON/BSON Data Types

  3. Scope of NoSQL in real world scenarios

  4. The concept of Sharding to find out scalability and availability

  5. Perform CRUD Operations to style Schemas

  6. Stack, merge, Strsplit functions and implementation

  7. Learn about Data Management using MongoDB

  8. Database security risk and MongoDB Security Approach

  9. MongoDB integration with Java, JasperSoft

  10. Work with unstructured data like images, video and log data