MS Access Training Courses in Jaipur



Course Name – MS Access Training Courses

Duration – 1 Month


MS Access Training Courses In Jaipur provides an introduction to the basic concepts of Microsoft Access.On completion of this course, the delegates are going to be ready to use an existing Access Database effectively and be ready to create and modify simple Tables, Queries,Forms and Reports.


Target Audience – MS Access Training Courses In Jaipur


MS Access Training Courses In Jaipur is suitable for delegates who wish to find out how to use databases effectively and to make simple databases for single-user use. No previous knowledge of Access is assumed, but delegates should be familiar with using one or more of the other programs within the Microsoft Office suite.


Prerequisites – MS Access Training Courses In Jaipur


  • Basic Computer

  • Basic Internet

  • Advanced Excel


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MS Access Training Courses In Jaipur Contents


Session 1 – the fundamentals – Objectives


  • Describe the seven main Access 2003 objects

  • Start Access and open a database

  • Understand the Access Program Screen

  • Add, Edit and Delete Records in Table View

  • Add, Edit and Delete records in Forms

  • Open and run a question 

  • Open and run a report

  • Close down and exit Access


Session 2 – Creating and working With A Database – Objectives


  • Understand Primary Keys

  • Understand data types

  • Create a database

  • Create a table

  • Create a query

  • Create a form

  • Use the form wizard

  • Create a report using the report wizard


Session 3 – Finding, filtering and formatting data – Objectives


  • Find and replace information

  • Sort records

  • Filter records

  • Adjust and rearrange rows and columns

  • Freeze fields

  • Hide columns


Session 4 – Working with tables and fields – Objectives


  • Understand field properties

  • Index a field

  • Change a field’s data type

  • Apply formats to number and text fields

  • Set default values and apply field validation

  • Create input masks

  • Create and modify lookup fields

  • Create value lists


Session 5 – Creating Relational Databases – Objectives


  • Understand table relationships

  • Create relationships between tables

  • Understand referential integrity

  • Implement and test referential integrity

  • Understand relationship types