NodeJS training course in Jaipur


Course Name – NodeJS Training Course

Duration – 1 Month


Node JS is an open source, cross-platform framework running on Mac OSX, Windows, and Linux. Node.js training course has been designed to assist developers understand and build web applications with the assistance of JavaScript. Node.js is an event-driven, server-side JavaScript environment that runs JavaScript using the V8 engine developed by Google. Node JS training course in Jaipur focuses on various important concepts of Node.js and provides hands-on experience in building HTTP servers with Node.js, working with filing systems , buffers, stream, events, and multi-processing in Node.js. The training covers Express.js, which may be a powerful and flexible web application framework that gives a strong set of features for web and mobile applications.


NodeJS Training course will enable you to:


  • Understand the Node.js framework

  • Work with Node Projects

  • Work with shrink-wrap to lock the node module versions

  • Learn asynchronous programming

  • Build HTTP Server with Node.js using HTTP APIs

  • Understand file systems in Node.js

  • Understand Buffers, Streams and Events

  • Comprehend multi-processing in Node.js

  • Learn Express.js

  • Learn how Express.js connects with MongoDB and SQLite

  • Build chat application using

  • Work with Gulp and Grunt

  • Understand unit and End to end (e2e) testing


NodeJS Training course is right for :


  • Aspirants and students who wish to find out web development

  • Technical Project Managers and Technical Leads

  • Full Stack Web Developers

  • QAs, Architects


The prerequisites to find out NodeJS Training course includes basic knowledge of JavaScript and HTML.


Complete Course Contents of NodeJS Training course


  • Introduction and Foundation

  • Node Projects

  • Working with shrink-wrap to lock the node modules versions

  • Working with asynchronous programming

  • Building a HTTP Server with Node.JS using HTTP APIs

  • File System

  • Buffers, Streams, and Events

  • Multi-Processing in NodeJS

  • ExpressJS

  • Express JS with MongoDB and Sqlite

  • io, The Front-end, and a chat App

  • Introduction to Task Managers with unit testing