PCB Circuit Designing Course in Jaipur


Course Name – PCB & Circuit Designing Course

Duration -1 Month


PCB & Circuit Designing Course (Printed Circuit Board) may be a thin board of fibreglass or laminated material during which self- contained interconnected electronic components are found. It electrically connects and mechanically supports all the electrical components. It’s done by using conductive tracks or through the laminated copper sheets.


It is found in beepers, pagers, radars or computer systems. The applications of PCB are often found in desktop and laptop computers, video cards, controller cards, network interface cards and expansion cards. PCBs are often divided into three categories on the idea of copper layers:


  • Single Sided (only one layer).

  • Double Sided (two layers).

  • Multi-layer (more than two layers).


PCBs are usually green in colour. In case of advanced PCB the components like capacitors, resistors or active devices can be present.


The process of PCB designing consists of various processes like designing, etching, printing etc.The combination of these processes result in designing of circuits on a signal board layout.


Every time we can’t pass placing components on breadboards, which can not be sophisticated and should have loose connections which can’t be utilized in rough conditions.


PCB & Circuit Designing Course is meant to practically learn it intimately .


Course Contents – PCB & Circuit Designing Course



Basics of PCB


  • Types of PCB

  • Selection criteria of PCB

  • Standards related to PCB


Basics of PCB designing


  • Basics of layout design

  • EMI and EMC

  • Solutions of EMI

  • Different category of PCB

  • Hardwiring vs design strategy




  • Diptrace

  • Eagle

  • Ares


Layout design


  • Layout design for one sided and double sided PCB

  • Layout design of SMD and PTH devices

  • Heat sink concept and its design

  • Rules of creating circuit compact

  • Multi layer design for SMD and PTH


Fabrication strategy


  • Wet etching

  • Dry etching


Wet etching working steps



Dry etching working steps



CNC design


  • Machine design file description

  • Design of CNC file

  • Drill file design

  • Gerber file design


CNC machine software


  • Introduction to software

  • Working strategy of CNC machine

  • Integration design using gerber and drill file

  • Feature selection for CNC machine

  • Shifting PCB design on CNC machine.


PCB & Circuit Designing Course may be a complete practical course.