Python Class Certification Training in Jaipur


Course Name – Python Course

Duration – 1 Month


This Python Class Certification Training course introduces the student to the Python language. Upon completion of this Python Class Certification Training, the students are going to be ready to write non trivial Python programs handling a good sort of material domains. Topics include language components, the IDLE environment, control flow constructs, strings, I/O, collections, classes, modules, and regular expressions. The course is supplemented with many hands on labs using either Linux or Windows.


Python is a powerful, portable, object-oriented open source programming language for writing stand alone programs, quick scripts, and prototypes for big applications. Enroll soon for Python Class Certification Training.


Take Away : Python Class Certification Training


  • Master the basics of writing Python scripts

  • Learn core Python scripting elements like variables and flow control structures

  • Discover the way to work with lists and sequence data

  • Write Python functions to facilitate code reuse

  • Use Python to read and write files

  • Make their code robust by handling errors and exceptions properly

  • Work with the Python standard library

  • Explore Python’s object-oriented features

  • Search text using regular expressions


Target Audience – Python Class Certification Training


This course is meant for anyone who must find out how to write down programs in Python.


Prerequisites – Python Class Certification Training


  • C Programming

  • Knowledge of Object-oriented programming would be a plus 


Objectives – Python Class Certification Training


  • Upon completion of Python Class Certification Training, students are going to be able to:

  • Execute Python code during a sort of environments

  • Use correct Python syntax in Python programs

  • Use the right Python control flow construct

  • Write Python programs using various collection data types

  • Write home grown Python functions

  • Use many of the quality Python modules like os, sys, math, and time

  • Trap various errors via the Python Exception Handling model

  • Use the IO model in Python to read and write disk files

  • Create their own classes and use existing Python class

  • Understand and use the object Oriented paradigm in Python programs

  • Use the Python Regular Expression capabilities for data verification


Recommended Next Course


  • Linux


Python Class Certification Training Content



Basics of Python


  •  Introduction to Python

  •  Variable declaration in python

  •  Operators in python


Data Types in python


  •  Data type classification

  • String data type and list slicing


Program Flow Control python


  •  Conditional statement: if-elif-else

  •  Looping in python

  • Implement examples on loops and conditional statements


Functions, Modules and Packages in python


  •  Declaration and implementation of functions

  •  Importance of module programming in python

  •  Packages in python

  •  Lambda function declaration and use in python

  •  Programming using functions, modules and external packages


Strings and Dictionary Manipulations in python


  •  Building blocks of python programs

  •  String using in build methods

  •  Use of manipulation in build methods

  •  Dictionary manipulation in python

  •  Programming in python


File handling in python


  •  Reading config files in python

  •  Writing log files in python

  •  Understanding read functions, read(), readline() and readlines()

  •  Understanding write functions, write() and writelines()

  • Programming in python


Oops with python


  • Oops concepts with python

  • Programming using Oops support


Regular Expression in python


  •  Pattern matching and searching in python

  •  Pattern searching using regex in python

  •  Pattern finding programs using regular expression


Exception handling in python


  •  Avoiding code break using exception handling

  •  Safeguarding file operation using exception handling

  •  Handling and helping developer with error code

  •  Programming using Exception handling


Database Interaction using python


  •  SQL Database connection using python

  •  Creating and searching tables

  •  Reading and storing config information on database

  •  Programming using database connections


Multi threading in python


  •  Understanding threads

  •  Forking threads

  •  Synchronizing the threads

  •  Programming using multi-threading


Introduction to Python CGI


  •  Writing python program for CGI applications

  •  Creating menus and accessing files

  •  Server client program