Raspberry PI Training Course in Jaipur


Course Name – Raspberry PI Training Course                     

Duration – 1 Month


Raspberry pi may be a credit-card-sized single-board computer with 512 MB Ram. Rather than an in-built hard disk, it uses the SD card, developed within the UK by the Raspberry Pi Foundation for booting and storage. it had been originally built/ designed to show computer science to students in 2012. Currently, It runs on a version of Debian Linux named Raspbian which is customized especially for Raspberry Pi devices.


Programming language


  • Basics of ‘C’

  • Statements and loops

  • Functions

  • Array and String

  • Pointers





Physical component detailing

  • Resistor, capacitor, transistor, diode, inductor, op-amp, switches and relay, motor, breadboard, IC, PCB, soldering kit, oscillator etc.

Automation design and implementation

Basics of Embedded System

Basics of Microprocessor & Microcontroller

Basics of EMBEDDED C

Basics of ATMEL series


Embedded Development Tools




Output device interfacing-LED

Output device interfacing 7-segment display

Output device interfacing -LCD

Timer/counter programming

Switches and keypad interfacing

Output device interfacing -Motors

Output device interfacing -Relay

Serial communication programming

Interrupt driven programming

ADC interfacing

Advance protocol programming

  • SPI and I2C

CCP mode interfacing

Watchdog in AVR

Sleep and hibernate modes

PCB design introduction and design of single layer PCB