Robotics and Embedded Systems Course in Jaipur


Course Name – Robotics and Embedded Systems Course

Duration – 2 Month


In the modern electronics world every product is made from SOC’s and sensors. Automation, automotive electronics, Robotics, Consumer electronics, networking, routing, biomedical…etc all contain the embedded system as their heart. To achieve the height of an embedded system and to put in top MNC’s then Digital Computer Classes is your right option to start your career as an Embedded Engineer. Join Robotics and Embedded Systems Course now.


We can’t imagine anything without embedded system technology because embedded systems are a combination of hardware and software . It’s going to be called Automation and its future is very bright for the purpose of a career option. Embedded system includes system application code which accomplishes the simultaneous number of tasks. It performs the important time operational task very smartly. Digital Computer Classes is one among the best training companies for I.T. Field aspirants that give smart and professional training in supervision of experts.


Take Away : Robotics and Embedded Systems Course


Each and each module will contain a project that has to be developed by students and will be in industrial standard. Important aspects in developing software and hardware are going to be taught to the students like Short Development Cycle(SDC), Circuit design, Logic implementation, memory reduction etc


Target Audience – Robotics and Embedded Systems Course


  • Engineering Students

  • Company Professionals

  • Job aspirants


Recommended Next Course


  • VLSI

  • Robotics




Robotics and Embedded Systems Course Contents



Introduction to Robotics


  • Types of Robot according to application

  • Market exposure robotics


Introduction to Embedded System


  • What is embedded

  • Use of Embedded in our life



Introduction to Basic electronic equipment and component


  • Analog Electronic

    • Basic of Bread Board, Resistor, Capacitor

    • Voltage divider circuit

    • Testing with multimeter

    • Types of Switches


Digital Electronic


  • Logic gates

  • Basic of counters

  • Introduction to various general purpose ic


Power Supplies


  • Building a standard voltage supply

  • Regulated DC voltage Supply


Sensor And Actuator


  • Mechanism used by sensor

  • Line sensing, temperature sensor, Distance Measurement

  • Motors

  • Motor Drivers


Introduction to microcontroller


  • Overview of Microcontroller

  • Application & Scope of microcontroller

  • Introduction to AVR Architecture

  • Familiarization with various addressing Modes of Atmega 16


Embedded c


  • Programming Technique (Low level/ High level/ Very High Level)

  • Description of various function of Embedded C

  • Working on Simulator


Interfacing with Microcontroller


  • LED

  • Motor Driver IC

  • LCD

  • IR Sensor

  • Advance Sensor

  • Buzzer

  • Relay



Communication using a mobile personal computer


  • Brushing up TTL logic communication

  • Communication without developing application (using Hyper Terminal)


Advance Topic in Microcontrollers


  • Serial Communication

  • GSM Protocol

  • Zigbee Protocol

  • RF communication


Mechanical Assembly


Troubleshooting Techniques