Robotics Classes for Kids in Jaipur


Build Robots. Build Friendships. Build Confidence!

Looking for new activities outside of faculty to inspire your child?

Four words: Robotics Classes for Kids!


Learning Never Stops!


Robotics Classes are designed to allow students to spread their wings and explore their concepts. Your children will learn in a guided path with better experience in robotics classes in order that you’ll make the most of it. go ahead and explore the world of creating and innovation!


Robots for kids uses fun, hands-on projects to get your child’s creative juices flowing. Your child will learn to create and program robots with the bricks and software of the reputable company-all while making friends, developing new skills and spending great time with educational kits of STEM (science, technology, engineering, and maths) in Robotics Courses for kids. For several children, robotics classes are the highlight of their week. The kids robotics classes for youngsters are best adapted by Digital Computer Classes as needed.


We have several kids robotics classes available to completely engage and challenge your aspiring engineer, computer programmer or scientist. Is this your first time? No problem! Your child is welcome. He/she can jump into Robotics Courses for kids with no prior experience.


How we teach Robotics for kids each week


In each Robotics for teenagers session, your child and a buddy work together to plan and build a new robot using reputed company’s bricks, letting their creativity and imaginations loose. Along the way, they learn science and engineering concepts, like how the pleura, lever, and motors work. Digital Computer Classes has started robotics classes for teenagers after tons of feedback and study within the interest of children and parents.


As the robots for kids form , they experiment with AvishkaarBox’s software. They find how to use computer programming concepts and find new ways to achieve their “bot”.


Then, the energy level actually reaches a high point, as children challenge other teams to friendly games or participate in imaginative games.


At the end of every lego robotics class, your child enjoys a wrap-up activity to reinforce the STEM skills he or she learned in school . (You’ll hear all about it on the way home.)


A few reasons for your child (and you!) will love Robotics for Kids:


Unique STEM( Science, Technology, Engineering and mathematics ) curriculum. While your child has a blast creating robots, you’ll know he or she is learning practical STEM skills. (Just imagine how these new-found skills could inspire your child within the future!)

Creative problem solving. In each kid’s robotics classes, your child participates in creative and challenging activities that encourage a love of science, technology and engineering at an early age.


Fun, hands-on activities. Our interactive exercises engage kids’ hands, also as their minds — great for children who learn in several ways.

Ongoing communication. We keep you up-to-speed on the robotics classes for kids and STEM( Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics ) skills your child is learning and what to expect next.


Mechanization is becoming the way of 21st century life, and with it, the sector of robotics is booming. Robots for teenagers in all their different shapes, sizes, and levels of complexity are vital to our everyday lives—everything from the car you drive to the energy it runs on is dependent on how powerful robotics and engineering are . At our robotics camps for kids and teenagers , you’ll add teams, experiment, and create in small classes.