Solidworks Training Course in Jaipur


Course Name – Solidworks Training Course

Duration – 1 Month


SolidWorks Training Courses in Jaipur is a 3D CAD software tool that transports all tasks involved in product development into the visual and electronic 3D world for better collaboration. With its intuitive interface, and a good range of specialised and compatible products to support all design and engineering functions, SolidWorks promises to:


Shortened design cycle

Increased productivity of engineers and designers

Faster delivery of innovative products


SolidWorks Training Courses in Jaipur training courses can assist you achieve your goals, whether you would like to improve your skills, resume training, or find out how to use SOLIDWORKS tools for the first time.


Complete Course Contents


Module 1 


 Sketch geometry and relations Discussion

 Basic Part modeling Discussion

 Boss and cut extrudes             Discussion

 Modeling a casting or forging Discussion

 Projects Assignment


Module 2 


 Adding intelligence to solid features Discussion

 Revolves and patterns Discussion

 Complex cylindrical parts and patterns Discussion

 Thin walled parts Discussion

 Projects Assignment


Module 3 


 Draft, shells, ribs and text features Discussion

 Configurations of parts Discussion

 Projects Assignment


Module 4 


 Design aspects a single part can be in Discussion

 Editing options Discussion

 Editing and repairing features during a part Discussion

 Bottom up assemblies Discussion

 Projects Assignment


Module 5 


 Build and analyze for fit and function Discussion

 Detailing Discussion

 Create views, annotations and BOM Discussion

 Support Information Discussion

 Tools options, templates and support Discussion

 Projects Assignment