Struts Framework Course in Jaipur


Course Name – Struts Framework Course

Duration – 1.5 Month


This course provides an exhaustive coverage of the Struts Framework Course In Jaipur. It also covers concepts of consistent UI design with Tiles Framework and Validator Framework.


Struts Framework Course In Jaipur is the most well liked framework for developing Java based web applications. Struts is being developed as an open source project started by Apache Software Foundation . Struts framework is based on Model View Controller (MVC) architecture.


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Take Away: After completion of this course you’ll be ready to¬†


  • Develop an internet applications using Struts framework


Target Audience


  • Java Professionals

  • Job aspirants




  • Database Application

  • Programming using Java

  • Java Web Component Developer


Objectives: you’ll learn


  • Describe MVC Model 2 Framework, AOP, IOC and DI

  • Create an easy Struts Application

  • Associate Validation Framework with Struts application

  • Create an application using built-in interceptor

  • Create a user-defined interceptor


Recommended Next Course


  • Business Component Development

  • Hibernate Framework

  • Spring Framework

  • Project Readiness Program

  • Android


Complete Course Contents


  • Introduction to Struts

  • MVC design pattern

  • AOP : DI & IC

  • Struts Configuration

  • Action and subclasses

  • Action classes & UI

  • Validator Framework

  • Built-in Interceptors

  • Custom Interceptors

  • Struts Tag Libraries

  • OGNL

  • Using data tags