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Course Name – Digital Marketing Course                                 

Duration – 3 Months


Digital marketing course was developed by the leading and renowned digital marketing institute to make sure that you simply become a digital marketer. You’ll be ready to join a high-quality digital digital marketing training or run your own digital marketing projects. you’ll learn the skills needed in google digital marketing certification, also as practical experience in delivering successful campaigns by implementation.


SEO Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing Courses can provide you with hands-on training with specific digital marketing training. The renowned digital marketing institute Google Digital Marketing Certificate Program will train you for credential tests like OMCA, Google Analytics, Google AdWords, Facebook Advertising and YouTube Advertising.


Take Away : Digital Marketing SEO Training Course Certification Institute


Our digital marketing course allows you to study digital marketing that covers search engine Optimization (SEO) and program Marketing (SEM), Social Media Marketing & Optimization (SMM & SMO), Content Marketing, Digital Reputation Management, Adwords (PPC & CPA) and a number of other others.


Digital Marketing SEO Training Course Certification Institute


Online marketers, In-house SEO’s, web marketing agencies, consultants who are trying to find ways to enhance and improve website visibility within the natural search engine listings.


  • Online Marketers

  • Marketing Executives

  • Web Developers

  • Product Managers and Brand Managers

  • IT Programmer

  • Students

  • Small Business Owners/Entrepreneurs

  • Copywriters and Content Writers

  • Marketing Consultants

  • PR Professionals


You do NOT need a technical background or be a web designer/programmer to learn from this SEO Digital Marketing course.


These days, the reach of SEO training altogether in countries is becoming very high, as there’s such a lot of competition in e-commerce and Internet marketing. Every corporation has the requirements of a team of S.E.O. Professionals for their internet media, promotion, advertisement, promotions. We’ve got an excellent digital marketing course prepared for you. we’ll teach you to hide all the modules according to business standards which will assist you get a firm professional grip on SEO and also prepare you for a far better working climate.


Prerequisites – Digital Marketing SEO Training Course Certification Institute


  • Computer Fundamentals

  • Windows operating system


Objectives : Digital Marketing SEO Training Course Certification Institute


  • Digital Marketing



After Digital Marketing SEO Training Course Certification Institute


  • Certification Exams


Contents – Digital Marketing SEO Training Course Certification Institute

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Digital Marketing Overview


  • What is digital marketing?

  • importance & benefits of digital marketing

  • What does digital marketing consists of?Google Association

  • How digital marketing works?


Website Planning & Creation


  • Types of websites

  • Essentials of a website

  • Planning a website

  • Professional appearance

  • Difference between dynamic & static website


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)





  • What is SEO

  • Introduction to SERP?

  • What are search engines ?

  • How do search engines work?


Understanding Keywords mix On page optimization


  • Keywords optimization

  • Content optimization & planning

  • Understanding your audience for content planning SEO course Jaipur

  • Content research & editorial calendar setup

  • Adding social media plug-in on web pages

  • Internal linking

  • Meta tags creation

  • Creating webpage in HTML

  • Using Google webmasters tool & site verification

  • Sitemap creation and submission in website & webmasters

  • What is FTP?

  • How to use FTP?

  • Off page optimization

  • What is domain authority?

  • How to increase Domain authority?

  • What is page rank?

  • How to increase page rank?

  • What are backlinks?

  • Types of backlinks

  • What is link building?

  • Types of link building

  • Do’s and don’ts of link buildingDigital Marketing SEO Training Course Certification Institute

  • Link building strategies for your b business:Easy Link acquisition techniques

  • Top tools for SEO

  • Monitoring SEO process

  • Preparing SEO reports

  • How to create an SEO Strategy for your business


Content Optimization: How Search Engines and other people View Web Pages:


  • Understanding content optimization

  • Optimizing for site structure

  • Recognizing different types of content

  • Optimizing textual page elements

  • Optimizing non-text components of a web page

  • Analyzing content quality

  • Exploring the benefits of user-generated content


Content Optimization: Technical SEO: SEO Training in Jaipur


  • Interpreting the code behind websites

  • Understanding how search engines index content

  • Working with canonical URLs and redirects

  • Leveraging microformats

  • Working with server-side factors

  • Using Google Webmaster Tools

  • Using Bing Webmaster Tools


Long-Term Content Planning:


  • Overview of long-term content strategist

  • Planning a successful content strategy and avoiding common mistakes

  • Defining your audience, topics, angle, and style

  • Understanding different types of content

  • Getting ideas for content

  • Working with an editorial calendar

  • Promoting your content with social media

  • Measuring content performance


Link Building Basics:


  • Understanding the importance of links

  • How the search engine killed the online directory

  • How link analysis revolutionized web search

  • Exploring the anatomy of a link

  • Not just Page Rank: Understanding what links do for your site

  • Explaining Google Page Rank

  • Looking at Page Rank in practice

  • Exploring keywords and Google bombs

  • The perfect link

  • Dealing with problem links

  • Analyzing links SEO Training in Jaipur


Building Links:


  • Exploring the 2 sorts of links

  • Building internal links

  • Building external links

  • Grabbing low-hanging fruit

  • Fostering a “think links” mentality

  • Working with “local” pages and directory links

  • Reciprocal linking: Is it well worth the trouble?

  • Creating press releases

  • Working with article syndication

  • Working with bloggers

  • Creating link bait

  • Examining social networking links

  • Getting more links

  • Working with linking software

  • Exploring Penguin: The new link approach from Google


The Link Game:


  • Buying links: Pros and cons

  • When is paying for links buying links?

  • Finding link services

  • Understanding linking jargon

  • Finding link-building opportunities

  • Questions to ask

  • Executing a link-building strategy


Measuring SEO Effectiveness:


  • Measuring SEO performance

  • Analyzing keywords

  • Analyzing linksSEO Training in Jaipur

  • Analyzing the impact of social media


Local Search:


  • Understanding local search

  • Understanding Google+ Local

  • Setting up and optimizing Google+ Local

  • Getting more citations

  • Getting more reviews for your business

  • Optimizing your website for local search

  • The future of local search


International SEO:


Digital Marketing

  • Understanding cultural aspects of international SEO

  • Optimizing technical content for international audiences

  • Optimizing translated and localized content

  • Building links for a global audience

  • Analyzing and measuring a global SEO campaign

  • Avoiding pitfalls with international SEO

  • Determining your next steps



PPC advertising with Google & Optimization


Introduction to adwords & PPC advertising. What’s a display network & why is it important? Understanding adwords structure (Campaigns, ad groups, ads, etc.) types of campaigns- Search, display, video, dynamic search & Google merchant. Difference between search & display campaign Understanding campaigns & ad groups in additional detail. Understanding bidding & payment modules- CPC, CPA, Enhanced bid, CPM Ad Rank-



Practical session 1


  • Creating search advertising campaign 

  • Using keyword planner tool to seek out keywords

  • Importing keywords from keyword tool

  • Creating compelling ads

  • Creating conversion tracking to live performance of ads

  • Optimizing ads & campaigns to decrease

  • CPC & increase ad position (Most important)


Practical Session 2


  • Understanding remarketing

  • Setting up remarketing lists

  • Creating remarketing campaigns & ads


Practical session 3


  • Creating video campaign

  • Uploading video ads

  • Optimizing targeting

  • Understanding Dynamic search ad campaigns

  • Understanding product listing ad with Google merchant center


Google Analytics


What is Google analytics? Why is analytics so important? setting up your website with analytics Fundamentals of Google analytics Monitoring bounce rate. setting up goals and funnels Setting filters and segmentation Tracking conversions Monitoring website performance. Monitoring traffic sources Monitoring visitors behavior Taking corrective actions if required.


Social Media Marketing


What is social media? Understanding the present Social Media paradigms How social media marketing is different than other sorts of Internet marketing? Marketing on social networking websites. What’s viral marketing and its importance on Facebook marketing?


    • Understanding Facebook marketing

    • Facebook glossary

    • Facebook fan page v/s profile v/s group


Practical session 1


    • Creating Facebook page Digital Marketing Course Jaipur

    • Uploading contacts for invitation

    • Adding Facebook plugins in website

    • Creating external tabs in Facebook page

    • Exercise on fan page wall posting

    • Facebook advertising

    • Types of Facebook advertising

    • Best practices for Facebook advertising


Practical session 2


  • Creating Facebook ad campaign 

  • Targeting in advertising campaign 

  • Payment module- CPC vs CPM vs CPA

  • Using power editor tools for adv.

  • Advance Facebook advertising using tools

  • Video marketing

  • Benefits of video marketing

  • Uploading videos on video marketing websites

  • Using YouTube for business

  • Developing YouTube video marketing strategy

  • Bringing visitors from YouTube videos to your website


Email Marketing


What is email marketing? Biggest challenge in email marketing Legitimate/ opt-in email marketing Increasing email subscription/ opt-in list Using software’s to try to to email marketing Creating your own email list of many email id’s Checking spam ratio of your email creative Best practices of email marketing Writing an honest email creative or html template.


Online Advertising


What is online advertising?

Types of online advertising

  • Display advertising

  • Banner ads

  • Rich media ads

  • Pop ups and pop under ads

  • Contextual advertising

  • In-text ads

  • In-image ads

  • In-video ads


Ecommerce Marketing


What is ecommerce? Creating an ecommerce website. Top ecommerce websites around the world E Commerce scenario in India. The way to do SEO of an ecommerce website is Why would you like a solid ecommerce marketing strategy? Formulating the right ecommerce marketing strategy Using affiliate marketing to market your ecommerce business.


AdSense & Blogging


What is AdSense? the way to get approved for AdSense? Cool trick to urge AdSense approval by Google Using your AdSense account interface Placing ads on your blog Creating blogs with our FREE software Then we’ll share 1 secret method through which you’ll make money with AdSense.


Digital Marketing


Live Project


Join Digital Marketing SEO Training Course Certification Institute, and get the best learning together with work on Live Project.