Diploma in Jewellery Design Course in Jaipur


Course Name – Diploma in Jewellery Design Course

Duration – 6 Months


Diploma in Jewellery Design Courses is suggested for anyone who is into the family business of jewellery and needs to sharpen his/her skills or an individual who is interested in joining the business of jewellery, an industry that’s seeing a rapid growth in India also as within the international market. The course offers a launch pad for creative minds to find out new skills and techniques within the highly exciting and creative field of jewellery making.


Diploma in Jewellery Design Courses Contents


CorelDRAW (2 Months)


Introduction: What is Design of jewellery


App Intro: What is that the role of CorelDraw in Jewellery Designing


Design Concept: Concept of colors / Design


Drawing Tools:  Outline / Curve : Drawing tools and utilities


Modification: Outline / Curve : Editing Tools and Shape tool


Productive Tools:  Productive Tools : Copy methods / Alignment / Join/break methods / Power Clip / Shaping / Symbols


Fill objects:  Uniform / Fountain / Texture / Pattern / Postscript / Mesh


Text:  Creating and Editing – Artistic / Paragraph


Effects:  Blend / Contour / Drop Shadow / Distort / Envelope / Extrude / Transparency / Lens / Bevel / Artistic Media


Bitmap:  Working with imported Raster images in CorelDraw


Output:  Exporting and Printing Features


Adobe Photoshop (1 Month)


Interface:  Concept of Raster and what’s role of Adobe photoshop in Raster Designing / Color / File Formats / Viewing and Navigation / Rulers and Guides


Layout:  Canvas / Image : Size and resolution – Using and modification


Selection:  Methods of selection / Selection Tools / Selection Menu / Path Selection


Layer:  Using Layers / Layer Properties / Layer blending


Brush:  Effects / Using / Saving / Customizing


Creation:  Vector / Raster Creation – Imaginary


Edition:  Cut a part of an image / Merge two Image parts / Working with Image Editing


Text:  Character / Paragraph – Creating and Editing


Fill:  Colour / Content Aware / Pattern History / Gradient / Paint bucket


Effect:  Healing / Blur / Stamp / History / Dodge


Image:  Adjustment / Filter / Mode


File Handling:  Save / Save as / Export / Import


Projects:  Creating Textures for Tiles / Floors / Walls / Curtains / Glasses


Tips & Tricks 


Rhinoceros (3 Months)


Introduction:  Concept of 3D Designing in Jewellery


App Intro:  What is the role of Rhinoceros in Jewellery Designing?


Curve: Drawing and Editing – Tools and Utilities


Dimensioning:  Coordinate methods / Geometrics


Text:  Creating / Editing / Extruding


3D Concept:  Concept of View and Visual of 3D object


3D modelling:  Solid / Surface – Creating and Editing Tools and Unities


Modelling:  Ring / Earring / Pendant / Necklace / Bangles / Bracelet / Cufflinks


Hand Tools:  Layers / Properties / Display panels / Toolbars / Wizards


Gems / Stone:  Creating / Shaping / Texturing – Tools, Utilities, Methods, Patterns


Stone settings:  Prong / Mini Prong / Pave / Bezel / Channel etc.


Render:  Colouring / Material / Texturing : Apply and Modification


Output:  Lighting / Rendering / Printing (With and without dimensions)


Practical:  Ring / Necklace / Bangles / Earrings / Cufflinks


Tips and Tricks