HVAC Training Course in Jaipur


Course Name – HVAC Training Course

Duration – 1.5 Months


HVAC Engineering may be a highly booming industry with a huge demand oriented career in it. All Chemical, process LPG, CNG, Oil & gas Pharmaceutical Industries are dependent on HVAC engineering for the comfort level.HVAC engineering consumes quite 60% to 70% you look after energy load altogether in commercial buildings.HVAC engineers from the Industry with leading professionals selected by Digital Computer Classes conduct HVAC Training Course.


Scope & Career


Scope & Career of HVAC Engineering:


  • Design of HVAC Engineering

  • Project Manager of HVAC engineering

  • HVAC Design project

  • Manufacturing of HVAC engineering products

  • Operation of HVAC system

  • Layout of HVAC

  • Analytical Maintenance of HVAC System

  • Technical sales of HVAC

  • Field Engineering of HVAC

  • Application & Installation of HVAC


Career of HVAC Engineering:


  • Commercial Buildings needs HVAC engineering

  • Airports needs HVAC engineering

  • Shopping Malls needs HVAC engineering

  • Hospitals , Office complex needs HVAC engineering

  • Residential buildings needs HVAC engineering

  • PetroChemical Complex needs HVAC engineering

  • Oil & gas need HVAC engineering

  • Offshore Industry needs HVAC engineering

  • Refinery needs HVAC engineering

  • Industrial plants needs HVAC engineering

  • Energy sector needs HVAC engineering

  • Chemical process needs HVAC engineering

  • EPC industry needs HVAC engineering

  • Consulting engineering needs HVAC engineering

  • Pharmaceutical industry needs HVAC engineering

  • Project & Construction needs HVAC engineering

  • Cement and Fertilizer needs HVAC engineering

  • Power plants needs HVAC engineering


Detailed Course Contents of HVAC Training Course


Prelude to HVAC


  • Fundamentals

  • Modes of heat Transfer

  • Sensible Heat and latent heat


Basic Components of Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration machines


  • Basic refrigeration system or Vapor Compression Cycle

  • Pressure – Enthalpy Chart

  • Function & sorts of Compressor

  • Function & sorts of Condenser

  • Function & sorts of Expansion Valve

  • Function & sorts of Evaporator

  • Accessories utilized in the System

  • Refrigerant and Brines


Classification of Air-Conditioning System


Window A/C


Working of Window A/C with Line Diagrams


Split A/C


  • sorts of Split A/C

  • Working of Split A/C with Line Diagrams


Ductable Split A/C


  • Working of Ductable Split A/C with Line Diagrams

  • Variable Refrigerant Volume (VRV)/ Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF)


Ductable Package A/C


Working of Ductable Package A/C with Line Diagrams


Package Rooftop Units


Central Plant Chilled Water System


Categories of air conditioning


  • All air system

  • All water system

  • Air – water system

  • Direct Refrigerant system

Study of Psychrometric Charts


Dry Bulb Temperature

Wet Bulb Temperature

Dew Point Temperature

Relative Humidity

Humidity Ratio


  • Heating

  • Cooling

  • Cooling and Dehumidification

  • Heating and Humidification

  • Finding Values Using the Chart


Load Calculation


Survey of Building

Cooling Load Steps

Finding Temperature difference (ΔT)

  • Wall

  • Glass

  • Roof

  • Partition


Finding ‘U’ Factor


  • Wall

  • Glass

  • Roof

  • Partition

Finding Ventilation requirement for IAQ

Load Calculations (Manually using E-20 form)

ESHF, ADP & Air flow rate (CFM) Calculation


Air Distribution System


  • Duct-Definition & Terminology

  • Duct Design consideration

  • Duct sizing methods

  • Duct sizing as per ratio 

  • Finding Duct size using Ductulator

  • Calculation of Number of sheets for Duct

  • Gauge selection for sheet metal

  • Bill of Materials for Duct Network

  • Legends and Symbols utilized in the HVAC Industry

  • Selection of Diffusers and Grilles

  • Duct Materials and Insulation materials utilized in HVAC Industry

  • Study of Overseas Drawings

  • Duct Routing – Preparation of single line diagram (SLD)

  • Preparation of Layouts (Double line Diagram – DLD) as per SMACNA rules

  • Openings for Ducts passing through Wall

  • Sectional drawing @ Duct supports

  • Concept of CAV & VAV


Static Pressure Calculation


  • Selection of Motor HP

  • Selection Fan/Blower RPM


Hydronic System


  • Classification of Water Piping

  • Pipe sizing for chilled water system

  • Fittings used in the HVAC Piping System

  • Valves used in the HVAC Piping System

  • Function of Valves

  • Openings for CHW Pipes passing through Wall

  • Sectional drawing @ CHW Pipe supports

  • Pump Head Calculation

  • Selection of Pump


Air Conditioning Concepts


Fire Protection (Awareness)


HVAC software’s


  • XL sheet for Load Calculations

  • Duct sizer for Duct sizing

  • TroxCADBase for Diffuser & Grilles

  • Pipe sizer for Pipe sizing

  • Psychrometry Software


Audience & Eligibility


Audience for HVAC Engineering

  • Purchase, Design, Fabrication, Inspection of HVAC engineering

  • Architects

  • Sales Engineers

  • Facility managers

  • Manufacturing

  • Repair Organization

  • Inspection agencies

  • Industry in design, Maintenance & Repair of industrial plants


Eligibility for HVAC Engineering


  • B. Tech / B.E in Mechanical / Production Engineering

  • Diploma in Mechanical / Production Engineering

  • M .Tech / M.E in Mechanical / Production Engineering