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E-Commerce Marketing Solutions

digital computer classes | E-Commerce marketing

E-Commerce marketing-

One of the most effective ways to grow your eCommerce career is to take an online course.

Ecommerce training courses build a foundation of skills to grow an online business and reach your marketing and sales goals.

Who should follow an eCommerce course?

You might think eCommerce is only meant for local retailers or businesses who are transitioning online. This isn’t the case.

eCommerce opens the door to selling any product or service online. In fact, 95% of purchases are predicted to be made online by 2040.

Course includes:

  • Introduction to eCommerce search engine optimization for beginners
  • Keywords Research for eCommerce Websites
  • How to SEO your Shop’s Site Structure
  • How to SEO your shop’s homepage
  • How to optimize your category pages
  • How to SEO your product pages
  • How to use blogging to get targeted traffic to your eCommerce website
  • How to build links and increase the rankings of your product pages on Google

digital computer classes | E-Commerce marketing

Is an eCommerce certification worth it?

The main purpose of an eCommerce certification is to boost your credibility. While there’s no downside to getting certified, some may need it more than others.

If you’re an aspiring eCommerce marketer or digital marketing specialist, Digital Computer Classes highly recommend an eCommerce certification. Your clients will expect proof of your knowledge.

This form of credibility isn’t necessary for a business that sells coffee, for example. But, it never hurts to show customers your expertise.

On another note, you might be hesitant to get an eCommerce certification because of expenses.

Rest assured, our list includes both free and paid eCommerce training courses. Money doesn’t have to stop you from getting certified.




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