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digital computer classes | Website PlanningPlanning a new website? To help ensure you don’t miss any crucial steps in building your website, follow the simple P.L.A.N. acronym to create a web presence that will help you reach your home business goals.

What P.L.A.N.​ Stands For

To help you understand what your website will need, use the P.L.A.N. acronym:

Prepare – Identify your target audience, appropriate website tone, and goals.

Landscape – Think through how you would like your website to be able to function. More specifically, what features need to be on your site?

Aesthetics – The way your website looks and feels is just as important as what it can do. Think about what colors and images you want on your site and how your site compares to your competitors.

Navigation – It is important to plan how you want your audience directed through your website. By thinking through what pages you need and how they should be

Here are nine steps to follow that will ensure your new website delivers effectively for your business and delights your users.


  1. Create User Personas
  2. Do Some Competitor Research
  3. Decide on an SEO Strategy
  4. Complete a Content Inventory
  5. Allocate Your Resource
  6. Plan a Card Sorting Session
  7. Finalize Your Sitemap
  8. Consider Your Call to Action
  9. Pick a Suitable CMS

digital computer classes | Website Planning

Our Working Process


The first meeting is very important to get acquainted and planning about the project.


When we go through the planning , we proceed work plan and research it.


Analyze and go through the work we done on the project and make any necessary changes.


The project is completed and we give it to our customer with Better result.

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